Artist Statement

My work combines traditional printmaking techniques with newer innovations in digital technology. My practice has developed to extend printmaking and digital media into installation through projecting animation onto sculptural forms. I am inspired by the many innovative and varied applications of digital media in contemporary art. I am interested in the slow recording of movement over time, the unseen recorded mark, and the latent evidence of “having been there.”

As a printmaker, I am interested in the variation in the multiple and developing of a sequence of imagery. It was originally through my desire to create works on a confrontational scale that I began to transform my printmaking into animation. The digital medium is a virtual and mutable environment where imagery exists and recedes as if three-dimensional. Giving the projection a surface to animate expands this quality. I see this work as an extension of the idea of printmaking by printing with light onto another surface, giving the work an additional layer of information. By animating my imagery, I am able to take advantage of the variation possible within the multiple, rather than committing to one image, I create a slowly evolving sequence.

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